No Failures From Tsurumi Pump at Queen’s Medical

The Queen’s Medical Center, located in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, is a private, non-profit, acute medical care facility. It is the largest private hospital in Hawaii, licensed to operate with 505 acute care beds and 28 sub-acute beds. The medical center has more than 3,700 employees and over 1,200 physicians on staff.

Facilities purchased two Tsurumi model 100C42.2CR Custom Dry Pit Cutter sewer pumps from Imperial Sales to replace the old Smith-Loveless pumps about three years ago. These new pumps are located in a large silo that is about 66 feet underground and is responsible to pump sewer from the two adjacent building located below the roadway.  These new pumps are outstanding with NO FAILURES from the time it was installed.  Subsequently, the older pumps had a failure rate of about every two to three months.

Based on the performance of these Tsurumi pumps, Facilities moved forward to purchase 10 more 3HP pumps to replace and upgrade our existing sumps in the Utility tunnels that house our main infrastructure potable and chilled water lines, main electrical for each building, and the medical gas  main distribution  for all the patient care rooms.  The medical center has established Tsurumi pumps as the standard for all present and future projects.

Michael Kim Seu
Facilities Engineering Manager (General Maintenance & Utility Plant Operations)

Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Local Restaurant

We were pleased to work with local landmark restaurant John Dominis, located in the Kaka`ako area near the water. The restaurant has seawater pumped into their restaurant’s pond to support the marine life that is eventually used as seafood dishes. A major contractor was replacing a submersible cast iron, oil-filled pump at least once a month to service this function in the restaurant and obviously needed a solution. They ended up installing one of our Tsurumi Vancs pumps made of non-corrosive materials, including a stainless steel motor frame with an air-filled motor built to operate continuously pumping water. It has been working flawlessly for over two years. A wonderful solution that not only deals with the headaches of replacing failed pumps every month but is environmentally friendly and safe as well

Russell Kaneshiro
Director of Sales
Hawaii Pump Supply